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Kitesurfing – Tips Tricks and Techniques

For those who are not so familiar with the world of kitesurfing, then yes, it is indeed a hybrid sport of both kiting and surfing. Sounds simple, right? Well, unlike other outdoor beach activities such as surfing or windsurfing, kitesurfers must not only balance on a much smaller board, but must also learn to interpret complex wind directions whilst travelling at phenomenally high speeds – the combinations can prove very dangerous but once mastered well, can be as empowering as any other extreme sport.

For those who love the thrill of the water and adrenaline that high speeds can bring, not to mention the prospect of `flying`, then kitesurfing can be a truly exciting sport. Competitors not only race to reach the highest speeds, but can score points at competition by performing a number of tricks such as jumps and spins.

It might sound easy enough, but the level of skill involved in understanding winds and how best to harness them can take a lot of time and dedication – beginners should complete a kitesurfing tuition course before entering the water and take professional and instruction from a registered instructor on how best to use the complex equipment involved.

Jumping is one of the most difficult tasks to master but once this has been achieved and practised hundreds of times, learning to spin will come almost naturally. Good jumps rely on high speeds which can be achieved best by riding perpendicular to the wind rather than upwind. Most tricks in kitesurfing are similar to those in skateboarding such as the nose-grab and board-off manoeuvres and are best performed at larger heights.

The kites themselves come in a variety of materials and sizes; a typical kite is made from rip-stop nylon with an inflatable plastic bladder, or `FoilKites` which hold more of an arc-shape similar to that of a paraglider. They range from 7 square meters to 21 square meters and naturally, the larger the surface area of the kite, the more powerful it becomes in the wind. Modern kites use the most technologically advanced materials for their flying lines such as ultra high molecular weight polythene which can hold heavy weights. The lines are attached to a control bar which the rider uses to rotate like a bicycle handlebar, which in turn is frequently attached to a harness so as to pull the rider along.

As with most water sports, kitesurfers tend to wear wetsuits to protect from colder temperatures, and helmets are an essential piece of equipment as kitesurfing has had its fair share of fatalities where riders have injured their head, neck or spine either on the water itself, or other dangers that may be in and around the water such as rocks, sand and even other riders. A safety hook knife is often worn by riders which can be used to cut through entangled or snagged kite lines and avoid being dragged away. Looking good on the water should always incorporate the elements of safety first, but for those who really want to stand out amongst the crowd, then buy animal surf.

Louie's Backyard Cam
OK Folks, Here is the deal. You go to
Louie's and you get a table on the sunset deck out back and you call your buddies where ever they may be and say "Hey log on to and get control of the South Padre Island Bay Cam and find us on the Deck at Louie's"
Then you have proof you are living the legend that is
Louie's Backyard South Padre Island TX 

has been an island favorite for a fine dining destination for years. Each night we strive to pamper our guests with great service and to satisfy their demanding palates with sumptuous menu items cooked by our gourmet chefs. Are you looking for steak? Louie's serves hand-cut steaks. Prefer seafood? Louie's will tempt you with our peel and eat shrimp and fresh fish. To top it all off, you may want to leave room for our famous “Death by Chocolate” cake. Enjoy your Louie's fine dining experience as you relax in either air-conditioned comfort or with a beautiful sunset view on our Bay front patio.


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Welcome to South Padre Island, Texas. You have surfed to the Tropical Tip of Texas.
The Lone Star State's only true tropical island.
South Padre Island is a coastal resort town on the Gulf of Mexico with miles of sandy seashore fun, shopping, dining and water activities. The island is also bordered by the Laguna south padre island mapMadre Bay and is ecologically significant with 34 miles of sand dunes, water birds, shrimp, and the best deep-sea fishing in Texas.
Fireworks every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

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south padre spring break girlsAnyone who has ever crossed the Queen Isabella Causeway can tell you, it is a sight to behold. Spanning two and a half miles across the Laguna Madre Bay, the causeway connects South Padre Island to the mainland of Texas. From the Queen Isabella, the longest bridge in Texas, visitors receive their introduction to paradise. A swell of emotion comes over visitors and residents alike when they catch their first glimpse of the 34 miles of barrier reef that is South Padre Island, the slice of beach with the skyline that has become synonymous with fun, adventure, and relaxation.

When visitors arrive on South Padre, they are entering an environment devoted to relaxation first and foremost. To remind everyone of this, the Town of South Padre Island has put up a sign announcing that the island is a "No Tie Zone." Yes, that's right. Wearing a tie on South Padre Island is against the law. The powers-that-be on South Padre want you to leave your cares behind you, and ties are a visible reminder that there is work to do out there in the world. Well, not on South Padre. The only thing you get to work on here is your tan line.

After you have arrived, it is time to head for the accommodations of your choice. With so many properties to choose from, there is something for everyone's taste: beachfront, street front, bayside, condos, hotels, motels, and RV parks. South Padre Island has the perfect spot for you to rest your head. At the top of the list are the Hilton Garden Inn all beachfront. If you are interested in making South Padre Island your permanent home or second home
 South Padre Real Estate can help you find your special island retreat.

Chances are there was one major attraction that brought you to South Padre Island: the beach. We have miles of it. Relax on the beach in town, or drive outside the town limits to visit the beach at one of the county beach accesses. The county accesses allow visitors to drive a vehicle onto the beach

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